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Summary The Descriptions Of The Star-Child - 1166 Words

Our dictionaries give us many definitions of it. JAMES Do they give one on RACHET? JOCELYN Sure, the wizard isnt only mad but insane, I heard he used an odd fishing boat in the Pacific during his youth. JAMES Come on Jocelyn, arent those boats used for fishing? JOCELYN Yes, but he used one that gave him a passing grade in art class. His drawing skills were top-notch. James laughs. He opens the door and follows her inside. INSIDE CASTLE- We-neg, who holds a hamburger, stands next to Star-Child. A bracket with red-balls snugs her face. James and Jocelyn rush toward him. The wizard food disappears. WE-NEG Are you ready to do my bidding, little Protector? JAMES Im unsure. My planet is heading toward a wasteland, probably worse†¦show more content†¦The wizard was curious about your box — James tilts as a ray SHOOTS pass him from the Guardians hand. He motions to fire as an ebony-ray from her right eye strikes his chest, turns his body into a black molecular gas. James gases zoom inside the Box. The Guardian disappears. WE-NEG If your friend fails me, I might give you the honor of introducing him to the ball my child. JOCELYN Why dont you put your head between your legs and continue making me miserable, Murderer! WE-NEG You forget the actions of your dad caused me my revenge. Only favorable deeds from your friend will grant him my mercy. JOCELYN Why didnt you send me across the barrier with my parents? WE-NEG Its because prestigious slots stay accessible to teens with lower IQs my child. We-neg laughs. Jocelyns eyebrows become slanted. She rubs one of her forearms, frowns with squinted eyes. INSIDE THE BLACK BOX- The Guardian appears facing the Necklace. James appears in front of a wall looking at her. Items appear larger. James runs as a BLAST strikes the wall beside him. He passes by two filthy warrior statues as she continues to fire. James leaps toward a stack of golden coins as the Guardian, fires. It bruises his head. He screams, falls beside the coins. James desperately stretches his hand toward them. The Guardian ambles along toward him. He grabs one, throws it at her. It makes contact and knocks her to the floor. James wound heals. He crosses towards the Guardian.Show MoreRelatedRobert Ebert s The Wizard Of Oz1361 Words   |  6 Pagesimportant part about writing a movie review. Robert Elbert has this skill mastered as he did an exceptional job summarizing the movie the wizard of oz. He did it well while still making the audience curious enough to go and watch the film. Elbert keeps summaries of specific events very brief and concise, â€Å"†¦The Wizard sends them on a mission to get the Wicked Witch s broom, and it is not insignificant that the key to Dorothy’s return to Kansas is the pair of ruby slippers.† This sentence does an excellentRead MoreUnder The Lights By Abbie Glines805 Words   |  4 Pages Summary Paragraph Under the lights by Abbie Glines. There are three teens that grew up together in a southern small town. Willa’s mom had her when she was a teenager. Willa had gotten into some trouble at a young age and had to stay with her Nonna. Willa’s two best friends were Gunner and Brady. Willa has made some bad choices in her past life which made her go down the wrong path in life. Brady’s a high school quarter back now and with the choices Willa has made Brady sees Willa as a differentRead MoreComparing Cliges, Erec And Enide And The Three Couples1158 Words   |  5 Pagesexpress their love for one another, she unites the two as newlyweds with the approval and permission of Gawain and King Arthur. Before 5 months passed, Soredamors was with child, that child is known as Cliges. In Erec et Enide, Erec’s portrait and features are rarely described. Enide on the other hand, has a lot of visual descriptions. Nature had used all her skin in forming her, she was charming and smooth, there was no damsel who is one hundredth part as beautiful as she. There never was so fair aRead MoreOne Of The Most Recognizable Artists Of All Time For His1132 Words   |  5 Pagesplaced Van Gogh into a religious setting and created a cultural surrounding. Van Gogh was what some would say as â€Å"soft† during childhood, making him very emotional that set his downfall of zero confidence and could not find his place in the world. As a child, Van Gogh could never really find his place among the other kids and community, always living in the shadows away from the crowd, is what some say started his visions for his paintings. Van Gogh’s father always pursued him into the career of religionRead MoreLiterary Language2255 Words   |  9 Pagespoem Go catch a fallen s tar. Allusions to religion appear thrice in this poem: the Devils foot and pilgrimage as well as fallen angels. It may be that Donne is creating a parallel between the religious search and between the search for physical/ feminine loyalty and satisfaction. Whereas metaphysical purity in religion may be found in the world of woman (Donne seems to be saying), divine images are too human to be ideal (therefore you have Devils foot/ a falling star/ and fallen angels)Read MoreEssay on General Support for Class Size3084 Words   |  13 PagesGeneral Support for Class Size â€Å"Of course class size is important. You have to find the child before you can teach the child (Archived†¦ 2000).† Though this opinion may seem radical to most people, you can see the underlying theme in the argument. Smaller classes allow students to have more personalized, individual attention from teachers. Many teachers and smaller class size advocates believe that such classes will allow for more constructive group activities, strengthen students’ problemRead MoreKl; JkOl1168 Words   |  5 PagesMohamed Mahmoud Hussein ï‚ ® 13 Hafez Ibrahim street El Manial, El Roda / 13 El Sheik Al Sharawy , Nasr Road , American Society , El Maadi ï‚ ¿ Cairo City ï‚ ¿ 01024008300. ï‚ ¿ ï‚ ® Date of birth : 05-03-1991 ï‚ · PERSONAL INFORMATION SUMMARY Marital status: Single ï‚ · Military status: Exempted ï‚ · Graduation date: 06-06-2012 ï‚ · Energetic, ambitious and enthusiastic of maintaining existing client relationships and also generating new ones. Possessing commercial awarenessRead MoreThe Legacy of E.E. Cummings1201 Words   |  5 Pageschildren represent four young girls. This poem depicts children at play. It describes four children who have gone to the beach to play and describes what each child finds in the process. Maggie a shell, Milly a starfish, Molly a horrible thing, and May a smooth round stone (Poetry For students vol.12). Each item is symbolic, because each child is finding something of themselves. The main theme of the poem is a search for the self, of identity. Each young girl finds a different item each representingRead MoreThe Sports And Fitness Club Industry2885 Words   |  12 PagesExecutive Summary All-Star Sports Complex will be a full-service multisport complex situated along the Interstate in D.C. Virginia, and Maryland area. There are currently no other sports facilities like this one anywhere in this area. The keys to success for All-Star Sports Complex will be our ability to market effectively, creating an unmatched cool atmosphere where people will like to be, and hiring qualified/certified and knowledgeable staff to aid in the running of our programs. The sportsRead MoreCloud Computing And The Protection Of Intellectual Property1361 Words   |  6 Pageswithdrawals from their program. Many parents were alarmed and fearful of intrusion on their parental rights. Furthermore, the parents learned that highly sensitive labels were being applied to categorize students as: †¢ Autistic †¢ Tardy †¢ ADHD †¢ Removed by child protective services †¢ Parent in military †¢ Homeless †¢ Pregnant †¢ Witness †¢ Perpetrator †¢ Victim It is likely that the misunderstandings that ensued were also due to vast lack of technological understanding as well as data misuse apprehensions but these

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