Friday, December 20, 2019

The Female Of A Female President - 1735 Words

A female president? While those male chauvinists still thinking this is a joke, the world has already moved a step ahead to the era of feminism. Since ancient times, men were seen to be the dominators in both workforce and the family. They were the superior providers of the family who had full control of everything including their wife s properties. Once women were married, their pocket would be emptied and they had to be financially relied on their husband. Therefore, they were marked as the inferior, secondary earner who should stay home to work on chores and prepare to welcome their husband back from the â€Å"real work†. However, as time flew, economic changes empowered female with the ability to be independent and†¦show more content†¦But men with these qualities are rare and they prefer younger women with beautiful outlook. The options that leave to high-educated women are either marry-down or stay single. Based on Liza Mundy in her book â€Å"The Richer Sex†, â€Å"Instead of marrying a â€Å"big-bag of trash† that feel emasculated by the salary they earn and still not willing to do chores to relieve the burdens, they rather stay single.† Taking factors of Fung 2 high divorce rate and life qualify in America, American females should not get married, or at least not married down to parasitic men because it is a harmful burden that creates social and both mental and physical health problems to women in work field. American females are stronger than ever in both social and financial aspects. According to Liza Mundy in her book â€Å"The Richer Sex†, â€Å"American females occupy 51 percent of managerial and professional jobs and 90 percent of them are jobs with the best potential in the next decade. Almost 40 percent of the U.S. working females are now outearn their husbands†(6). In the future, women in U.S. workforces, especially high-educated graduates, will dominate the jobs with considerable salary like department chief and lawyer. The gender ratio in professional work fields will lose the balance. Less men will be able to engage in high-salary jobs and more less-educated men will be shoved out below the middle-line. The reason why women will outnumber men in workforces is

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